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Business Strategy Solutions in Africa and Central Asia



We build the Bridge for you into developing countries, based on market knowledge and local Business Strategy.


Countries are unique, and need to be approached as single entities and not regions.

Companies need to enter into new markets to increase the size of their existing operations, whether SME or global co.


We can assist you by delivering the solutions on integrating your Business Plan and Strategy into your new market.


Companies identify potential markets and gather essential market information they require to establish comprehensive Business Plans and Budgets. Generally this information is readily available off the internet or sourced locally, which in developing markets more than often have subjective interests, and not always in the best interest of the company.


Through more than 15 years working experience with exports into developing markets, we have identified market details which are not quantifiable, but strategic to market entry and sustainability. Details crucial when setting up a winning Business Strategy and objective of local influence.


Market Strategy cannot be viewed as homogeneous - Strategy functioning in Europe or the US, should not be imposed on Kazakhstan, India or Kenya. Fundamental flaws in Business Plans and Strategies are therefore often overlooked because Products and Services do work elsewhere. Even the wrong local partner can hurt dearly.


Without the necessary experience, forecasting Return on Investment in most developing countries becomes no more than a speculated guess. So the question becomes "how long will failure take, if action is not taken from onset"?